(2014) Support for the endowment of the Center for training of the paramedics of the Civil Protection and Exceptional Situations Service within the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Moldavia

Fundatia pentru SMURD suport the implementation of the emergency medical service SMURD in the Republic of Moldova.


In this respect, on May 15th 2014, took place the delivery of the training equpments for the opening of the first training center for the paramedical personnel within the Republic of Moldavia. This was a preliminary stage befor launching the activity of the first SMURD crews in the Republic of Moldavia.


Fundatia Pentru SMURD got involved in a more larger and important project of the Government of Romania, through the acquisition of the necessary equipments of training the personnel, after the completion of the training the trainers programme by a number of firemen from Republic of Moldavia at the National Center within the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations “Horea” of the Mures County.


With the support of the equipments offered by the Center for qualified firs-aid within the Service for Civil Protection and Exceptional Situations, the first training courses of the firemen within the Republic of Moldavia, that will be taken by the trainers that completed the training course in Targu-Mures, started in july 2014.


Bugetul alocat de Fundatia Pentru SMURD este de 23,000 EUR.