(2014) Support for an emergency surgical intervention for a 2 years old child.

The patient, 2 years old, the child of a fireman within the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations “Nicolae Iorga” Botoşani, was diagnosed with a severe affection that needs an emergency medical intervention.

Concerning the financial aspects, the staff  within ISU Botoşani have raised the amount necessary for covering the transport from Botoşani to Aachen, Germany and the accommodation of a second accompanying person.

E.ON Romania offered a 4,000 EUR sponsorship and SMURD Foundation, following an agreement of the Board, transferred the difference of approx. 4,315 EUR.

This initiative is a humanitarian mission carried out, in an urgent matter, in order to support the access of an young patient to the necessary emergency intervention.

SMURD Foundation Budget: 4315 EUR