(2014) The endowment of 5 SMURD centres with isolation and transport capsules for contaminated patients

DESCRIPTION: The isolation mobile capsule is a temporary solution ideal for a rapid quarantine of the patient or material that is considered contaminated with infectious particles or diseases before transferring to an isolated area in order to ensure a safe treatment.


isolation and transport capsules for contaminated materials or patients

Taking into consideration SMURD’s activity, the endowment of SMURD regional centres with these types of equipments is imperative. Within the project we intend to purchase 5 isolation capsules for the endowment of SMURD Bucureşti, Craiova, Iaşi, Mureş and Timiş.

The support of SMURD Foundation has been requested, firstly in order to ensure a prompt quick response in emergency situations, preventing the contamination and alteration of the activity of SMURD personnel and all the other key actors that participate in an emergency situation and also being able to isolate the patient using the best appropriate security measures.