(2011) Bringing up to date the defibrillators from the intervention trucks of SMURD Bucharest

Currently, SMURD Bucharest intervention technique consists of 20 first-aid ambulances, five mobile intensive care ambulances, one neonatal intensive care ambulance , one emergency physician car, 12 extrication and lighting trucks, one logistical support truck, two special intervention to disasters, accidents and calamities trucks and five vehicles for the transport of multiple victims.

The entire network for emergency intervention in Bucharest is made up of 17 subunits of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations “Dealu Spirii”.

The defibrillators which are part of the equipment of the emergency intervention trucks needed an upgrade in order to function at normal parameters during the emergency situations

Given the lack of funds required for the repair these defibrillators, the Emergency Department of the Bucharest Emergency Clinical Hospital made a request for financial support.

Project budget: 65.472 lei