Caravan “Be prepared”

There are some extreme emergency situations when few seconds can change everything! For such moments, SMURD Caravan “Be prepared” organizes training first aid courses in emergencies situations in 20 towns across the country during July 8th and September 30 th, 2016.

The project is initiated by the Foundation for S.M.U.R.D. and financially supported by the Vodafone Foundation Romania with 400,000 euros.

The Caravan is a mobile training center where will be organized rescuing training courses for people in order to react better in emergency situations. The Mobile Center is built mainly on the structure of a truck, has a training room, with a capacity of 40 people and is equipped with all medical equipment and first aid, handheld devices, including simulators that enable effective training in the latest first aid techniques.

Below you may find the calendar of the Caravan and the registration forms in order to participate to this courses.

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