(2015) Pilot system for the management of the traffic lights for the easy transit of the SMURD ambulances in Târgu-Mureş

This is a control and protection system of the ambulances and the other emergency intervention vehicles which are heading to an incident and pass through the traffic lights crossroads
within the major cities.

Following an agreement from the municipality, the project will be implemented in Târgu-Mureş and  consist in 12 special intervention vehicles equipped with special communication devices and also  8 traffic light crossroads endowed with the necessary systems of the traffic control.

Within this project will be carried out an assessment report that represents the conclusive process necessary for the extension of this initiative to other major cities from Romania.

OBJECTIVES: The advantages of the implementation of this project:
– Improvement of the intervention time.
– Reduction of the number of accidents taking place in the traffic lights crossroads.
– Prevention of the car crashes and the costs related to these.
– Decrease of the liability for the crashes with other vehicles.

Taking into consideration the specific activity carried out by SMURD and the number of incidents  involving ambulances and other emergency intervention vehicles, the implementation of this system in the traffic lights crossroads is particularly necessary.