(2015) Support for the participation of three residents to the Refresher course

Fundatia pentru SMURD organized during April 3-10th aprilie 2015, the contest for the selection of 3 resident that were financiallz supported to participate to the course “Refresher Course 4”, held in Croaţia, during May 28-31 th, 2015.

Following the selection the winners were:

1. Szanto Ioana, Cluj-Napoca

2. Ion Lucian, Constanta

3. Ghinea Loredana, Bucuresti

The selection criteria were:

– scientific paper to the conferences during residency.

– participation to the training teams (the participation to guides / protocols drafting was not pointed)

– participation to other courses.

– active voluntary activity during residency

– an important criteria was not to benefit from a sponsorship to participate to a medical conference during 2013-2014.