(2014-2016) Construction of the aeromedical base SMURD Constanta

The building will consist of a landing platform and a hangar for the helicopter SMURD Constanta and a team of at least 6 people (pilots, aviation technicians, air rescuers, paramedics and medical crew). The location chosen belong to the Public Health Directorate from Constanta within the Ministry of Health and is dedicated to the construction of the future Constanta Emergency Regional Hospital.

The beneficiaries of this initiative are critically ill, severely injured, within the county of Constanta, South East Region, that are receive the medical support from the first aid crews intervention teams, the intensive care and rescue crews and need appropriate emergency care and sometimes emergency transfer to other specialized medical centers.

The objectives of this project are:

  • increasing the capacity and efficiency of the SMURD Constanta air rescue crews in the aero-medical emergency interventions;
  • improving medical operating activities conducted by SMURD Constanta in the South East Region;
  • improvement of the overall intervention SMURD activity in emergency situations and the number and efficiency of the rescue missions carried through out the Romanian territory.

Also, through this initiative will achieve a breakthrough in terms of increased efficiency of intervention SMURD in South East by supporting development in best conditions for the tasks performed first aid crews, intensive care and rescue, aerial SMURD . To conclude this project in Romania contribute to the development of an integrated system of emergency care effectively to European and international standards.

STATUS: Currently SMURD Foundation finalized the process of building a helicopter platform. Also, until present has been achieved the necessary studies and technical projects and were obtained all mandatory approvals for the construction of aeromedical base. The authorization for functioning is next.







July 2015

helipad_constanta_iulie_2015_2 helipad_constanta_iulie_2015_2

August 2015

helipad_constanta_august_2015_2 helipad_constanta_august_2015_1

September 2015

helipad_constanta_sept_2015_2 helipad_constanta_sept_2015_1

October 2015

helipad_constanta_oct_2015_2 helipad_constanta_oct_2015_1

November 2015

helipad_constanta_nov_2015_2 helipad_constanta_nov_2015_1

December 2015

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January 2016



February 2016


The project is financially supported by ExxonMobil and OMV Petrom.

Fundatia pentru SMURD

June 22th 2015