(2012) The participation of a team of doctors into residency at the international WINFOCUS EFSUMB-, Basic Ultrasound in Emergency and Critical Care

In the framework of this course were presented the views of international and Romanian experts regarding education in ultrasonography approach to critical patient Win Focus concept (“point of that birth-control”, prepared by the World Interactive Network Focused On Critical Ultrasound) and, finally, held an attestation of practitioners. WinFocus concept addresses all critical situations in which ultrasonography can help diagnosis and treatment is vital. The interactive course is the presentation of cases and the opening towards integrative practice approach to clinical situations.

During this course, there were presented the views of international and Romanian experts regarding the use of ultrasound in critical patients, according to the Win Focus concept (“point of care ultrasonography” developed by World Interactive Network Focused on Critical Ultrasound). At the end, the medical practitioners received certifications for attending this training course.

The course addressed the medical practitioners who assist patient critical or emergency medical-surgical emergency level and hospital, as well as in specialized intensive care units. By addressing cross-type “point of care” of the technique of ultrasound examination in different clinical situations, students have the opportunity to learn the theoretical courses and practical workshops for examination, pathological state, mainstreaming skills in the management of the patient’s diagnosis with diverse emergency pathology.

Objective: The aim of the residency training from University centers regarding implementation of the programe of training through simulation mannequins purchased through the program REMSSy IV. Creating nuclei of ultrasonography applied for training in critical emergency situations, constitute an element of efficiency of and quickly diagnosis in an emergency and monitoring assistance/therapy and thus will be increased by improving the quality of medical educational resources